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Child putting hands in dirt surrounded by plants

Occupational Therapy in the great outdoors 



extreme sensory sensitivities? 
clumsy or uncoordinated motor skills?

 completing every day tasks?

unplugging from screens?

poor handwriting or completing school work?  

making or keeping friends? 

emotional regulation and meltdowns?

low self-esteem?

These are just some of the many things pediatric occupational therapy services with StepOuTside OT can address.


We not only help children, but we equip parents with skills to support and advocate for their children in the home and community.

StepOuTside OT now offers individual therapy, small group therapy sessions, nature based enrichment classes for the the community of Santa Clarita.


StepOuTside OT is a proud vendor for Regional Center Self-Determination Program**.

SDP Home | SCDD ( 

**These funds can be applied to  inclusive enrichment classes and camps. 


Does your child struggle with:

At StepOuTside OT we believe:

Children can expect to: 

  • Explore and integrate their senses in nature through therapeutic activities

  • Improve physical gross and fine motor skills in creative ways

  • Grow in self-confidence and age appropriate independence

  • Develop healthy coping skills to manage stress and anxiety

  • Practice social skills in a safe nurturing  environment

  • Make long lasting connections and memories with nature

  • Childhood is a sacred time in an individual's life

  • Play is a critical and valued occupation

  • With the right support and accommodations, children can succeed

  • Using strengths based approach in combination with family-centered therapy for succesful outcomes

  • Nature offers diverse and ever changing opportunities to challenge and grow our sensory systems

  • Neurodivergence should be supported and celebrated. Advocacy is key!

Caregivers can expect to: 

  • Feel supported and empowered to carry over skills at home

  • Have a relaxing and safe place they can come with their child 

  • Collaborate with their OT on goals that put their child and family first

  • Learn new skills to support their child's neurodivergent needs 

  • Receive resources and expert advice to better advocate for their child     

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StepOuTside OT is a proud vendor of Regional Center Self-Determination Program for all enrichment groups and camps

StepOuTside OT is located in Castaic, CA and services families within Santa Clarita Valley.

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